Competitions 2017

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1st February 2017 Creative Image
The Ernie Baron Award Judged by  Naomi Saul ARPS DPAGB APAGB EFIAP

Gallery of winning pictures will appear here.

Ernie Baron Award Competition Creative Image 1st Feb 2017

[img src=]2902nd Oliver Cromwell by Alan 20
[img src=]1603rd Which Way Round by Peter 20
[img src=]180Into the light by Mercedes 19
[img src=]120February 1958 by Alan 19
[img src=]130Waterdrop Standing to Attention 18
[img src=]110Starry Starry Night by Janet 18
[img src=]90Apparition by Alan 18
[img src=]70Light Trails by Kelly 18
[img src=]60Set for a Square Meal by Roy 18
[img src=]70Radioactive Flower by Mercedes 18
[img src=]60Paper Flower by Emma 18
[img src=]80You See Me Every Day by Emma 18
[img src=]50You Start to Look Like Your Pet by Roy 18
[img src=]80Angry Bird by Mercedes
[img src=]40Beware by Richard
[img src=]50To KCC with Love by Roy
[img src=]40Cromer Pier by Janet
[img src=]40A Clean Punch by Pater
[img src=]60Bonfire Night by Emma
[img src=]30Flower by Kelly
[img src=]30Full Moon by Nick
[img src=]30Alien Pods by Emma
[img src=]60Gotcha by Alan
[img src=]30Homecoming by Richard
[img src=]30Green Cheese by Janet
[img src=]30Raging Heat by Nick
[img src=]30Vortex by Emma
[img src=]30Swan by Frozen Lake by Richard
[img src=]30Pigeon by Kelly
[img src=]30Smoke by Roy
[img src=]30Im a Star by Janet
[img src=]30Stevington Postmill in Winter by Alan
[img src=]70Winner by Richard
[img src=]40Feeling Blue by Janet
[img src=]30Water Coloured Barges by Peter
[img src=]60Having a Nibble by Janet