Competition Rules for 2019

We will be conducting the competitions differently for 2019.

All competition are open subject for 2019.

Competition are held on the first Wednesday of each month.

Each member may submit upto 3 DPIs and upto 3 Prints. (Yes thats a total of 6 images).

The DPIs and the Prints will be marked buy the judge separately.

There will be 11 competitions Jan – Nov followed by a grand final in Dec.
The grand final will use the first 3 DPIs and the first 3 Prints from each of the 11 previous competitions.

The winner of the grand final  for DPIs and the winner for Prints will be the the two overall winners for the year.

This means that all members may choose to submit DPIs, Prints or both each month. A league table for DPIs and separately league table for Prints will also be kept so that there will also be a DPI league winner and a Print league winner at the end of the year.

Send images to 

Note the above email address is exclusively for sending in your images to the competitions. Please use for all other communications with the committee.

Each month you will be given a deadline, and images not received by the deadline may not get into the competition for that month.

Please use our NEW name convention for your pictures such as
  “Title by Auther.jpg” (Note a “space” before and after “by”)

If you are putting in prints then bring them along on the night. The jpeg is required for recording and viewing on the night.