Club Constitution

Kempston Camera Club Constitution

1. The Club shall be known as Kempston Camera Club

2. The aim of the Club shall be for the furtherance and enjoyment of the art of still photography.

3. Meetings of the Club shall take place on the first, third, fourth and fifth Wednesdays of each month, unless otherwise specified, at The Transfiguration Church Hall, Bedford Road, Kempston, MK42 8DW. Doors open at 7.45pm for an 8.00pm start. Variations will be announced by e-mail or on the Club Web Site.

4.  a) Individual membership of the Club shall be available to persons of the age of sixteen and over, subject to approval of the committee.

b) Spouses and persons over the age of sixteen may join under the Family Membership.

5.  a) The Annual Membership fees for the individual and for family membership shall be for sums agreed at the Annual General Meeting, to be paid on the first of January.

b) Any member whose subscription is more than two months in arrears shall be deemed a lapsed member. (See also competition rules)

c) New members may join at any time of the year upon payment of a subscription on a pro-rata monthly basis.

6. Members are allowed to bring Guest(s) to any ordinary meeting of the club without obligation to the Guest(s) to join as members.

7. Guests that are not personal guests of a member may attend any ordinary meeting other than a studio group evening.  This will be limited to three occasions after which the guest will be obliged to apply for membership before attending any further meetings.

8. A Nominal charge per guest per evening will be made.  This charge will be set, reviewed regularly and agreed by the Committee.

9. Complaints, which must be in writing, will be dealt with by the committee in the best interests of the Club. The decision of the committee will be final.

10. The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held on the third Wednesday in February each year.

11. The accounts of the Club shall be audited annually by two elected auditors.

12. The officers of the Club shall consist of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Competition Secretary.

13. The Committee of the Club shall consist of the officers (as in rule 12) plus sufficient elected members to cover those posts considered appropriate.  Such posts will include Webmaster, Exhibition Secretary and any other function deemed appropriate by the Committee.  Ex-officio members may be co-opted at the discretion of the Committee.

14.   a) Propositions to the Annual General Meeting will be accepted only if submitted in writing to the Secretary not later that the last Wednesday in December. All such Propositions must be signed by the proposer and the seconded. Accepted propositions will be published on the Web Site and by e-mail.

b) Emergency Propositions and Amendments must be made in writing to the Secretary and must be signed by the Proposer and Seconded and will be accepted up to fifteen minutes before the advertised time of the commencement of the AGM.

c) Emergency Propositions and Amendments will be accepted to the AGM only if, in the consideration of the committee the Proposition or Amendments could not have been submitted under part a) of this rule.

d) Verbal Propositions and Amendments will be accepted at any time other than Amendments of Emergency Propositions and Amendments admitted under this rule.

General Rule:-

All Members will endeavour not to bring the Club into disrepute.

All members/associate members shall pay a nightly entrance fee which will be set by the Committee and reviewed regularly.

Studio Group:-

There will be a charge for attending Studio Group which is used to pay for the modelling fees and hire of the hall.  This charge will be set and reviewed regularly by the Committee.

See KCC Constitution – Studio Group for rules regarding use of the Studio Group by members.

Non-members may attend a Studio Group meeting with a view to joining the club ONLY with the agreement of a Committee member or the person running the Studio Group.  The guest will pay a charge dependent upon whether they are participating or merely observing.

Guests are limited to one visit before being required to join as a member.

Any member wishing to use models booked by the Studio Group Organiser for private use should request to do so via the Studio Group representative.

Club Assets:-

Sale or disposal of Kempston Camera Club’s Assets.

Disposal by sale or other means of any of the club’s asset(s) is to be agreed by at least a two-thirds majority of the Kempston Camera Club’s committee.

The agreement, by the committee, to sell or dispose of asset(s), by any means, is to be reached prior to the sale or disposal of any such asset(s).

Updated 18th February 2015